Android Setup Guide

Welcome to KOMZ! We are excited that you have decided to join KOMZs community of riders. Our main goal in KOMZ is to get butts in saddles! This guide will help get you started so you can get out on the trail faster and spend less time looking at the phone. Ride on!

Upon loading KOMZ for the first time, enter in your email and password and hit register. 

Creating a profile: Once you have registered with KOMZ, you will be directed to create your user profile. Please fill in all necessary fields, choose a profile image and set up your in case of emergency contact (this will not send them anything). Your profile will be private unless you have granted permission to be in your friends directory.

Find friends: Once your stellar user profile has been created, you will see your new main chat screen. This is the screen that will appear every time you launch the app from here on out. To start your first conversation, head over to the directory section by clicking the address book icon at the bottom of the screen. At the top you will see ‘My Contacts’ and ‘Find’ - select ‘Find’ and search for your favorite riding buddies and ‘Leslie S Dionne’. I am happy to be your first friend.

Chat with friends: When your search result shows your friend, click on their profile to add them as a friend in your contact list. Then congratulate yourself on creating your first connection in KOMZ! It will be the first of many!

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