iOS Messaging with Friends

 Finding Friends: 

1. Once your stellar user profile has been created, you will see your new main chat screen. This is the screen that will appear every time you launch the app from here on out.

2.To start your first conversation, head over to the directory section by clicking the address book icon at the bottom of the screen.



3. Selecting the address book will bring you to your directory. It looks a little lonely, so lets add some friends. Start by clicking into the "Search People" box. 

4. You will now see two options "My Contacts" and "Find". Select ‘Find’ and search for your favorite riding buddies. 

5.When your search result shows your friend, click on their profile to add them as a friend in your contact list.



6. Once you are on their user profile, select "Request Contact". 


Messaging Friends: 

7. Once your friend has accepted your friend request, you can begin to chat with them.  Start by selecting the new message icon in your upper right.

8. Select Direct Chat for when you want 1-on-1 messaging, Group Chat when you want more than 1 friend, and Org chat when you have created an Org in the app. 

9. Select Friend or Friends you want to chat with and start messaging! 



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