Android Organization Events

For instructions on creating an event please see: INSERT LINK

Create an ORG event:

Follow the steps from the above link to create an event. 

1. if you are an admin of an ORG, by default the "ORG event only" will be turned on. If you want your event to be a public, toggle this off. 

2. To create an ORG event, leave the toggle turned on and select "Create" in the upper right. 

Once your ORG event is created the following will happen:

  • This event will be added to all ORG members calendar with a not responded status. 

  • It will create an ORG group chat. Once members in the ORG RSVP "yes" or "maybe" to the event, they will be added into the group 

Odds and Ends:

  • If an ORG member selects "Can't Go" the event will stay under their events, just in case they decide they can go but they will not be added into the group chat. 
  • An admin cannot leave the ORG Event chat, even if they are not going to that specific event.
  • If an ORG member changes their mind and can attend the event, they will be added to the group chat after hitting "yes" or "maybe". 

 RSVP for an event with your ORG:

1. If you are the admin of an ORG, you can RSVP for your ORG. This event will be added to all ORG members calendar with a not responded status and create a group chat (same as above.)

2. When you RSVP for an ORG, you can click into the event details and add notes that will only be seen by members of your ORG. This is incredibly beneficial when you want to add where you're going to meet, what hotel you are staying at, what gear everyone is bringing..etc. This add notes option is at the bottom of the event details page, listed as "Organization Messages". 



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