iOS Creating and Editing an Organization

Creating your ORG:

1. Select the gear icon on your bottom toolbar to go to Settings.

2. Click on the second tab "Manage Organization"


3. Upon first arrival, you will see a blank screen, select the + icon in the upper right corner. 


This will take you to a blank organization page, fill in all of your organizations details including photo, description, year it was created, location and type.

4. You can also invite people in your contacts to be a part of your organization. They have to first have accepted your friend request in order to be invited to your org. You can invite people at any time to your org, so no worries is someone is procrastinating on your friend request. 

5. Hit create and your organization has been created! Now go RSVP for some events! 



Editing your ORG:

Head back to the settings tab and you will see:

1. The ORG you are an admin of.

2. Any ORGs you are a member of.

3. Select your org, then click the edit button in the upper right. This will bring you to the same create screen as above, only with all of your information filled in. This is how you can add more friends or make any changes to your ORG.


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