Android Finding and Creating Events

Finding Events:

1. From your main chat screen select the Calendar Icon, this will bring you to your calendar of events page. Nothing is here yet, so lets add some events - after all, the whole point is to get on the bike! 

2. To search for events click into the "Search Events" bar. 

3. This will bring up the options to view "My Events" or "Discover". Select Discover, and you will see a list of events coming up, choose one to attend and select Going. 

4. Once you select Going, it will be added to your list of events under "My Events". You can always edit your RSVP status here. 

Creating an event:

1. In the events tab, select plus icon in the upper right corner.

This will bring you to the add event screen, fill out all information for your upcoming event. If you are not the admin of an ORG, the toggle for "ORG event only" will be off. 

2. Hit create and your event will be added! 



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