How do I reset my password?

Everyone forgets their password, and KOMZ is here to help you reset it when this happens.

1. Open up the KOMZ app and select "Forgot Password"

2. Enter in your email that you logged into KOMZ with (this may differ from the one you set up on your user profile for other users to see) 

3. Hit "Next"

4. If all of the sudden remember your password, you can hit "Cancel" and go back to the log-in screen


After hitting next an email will be sent to the account you entered. While this is happening, you will then be directed to the below screen in the KOMZ app:

5. You will see a loading icon until you have clicked on the link in the email you were sent. 

6. If you have already clicked on the link in the email and still see the loading icon (#5) please click on check status.

7. The fields for resetting your password will be disabled until the link in the email has been verified. 


8. Finally to the email, when you hit next (#3) you were sent an email to your account, click on the link in this email and then reopen the KOMZ app.


9. Enter in your new password and confirm it.

10. Click the Reset Password link, and then continue enjoying KOMZ!



If you have any questions, please feel free to submit a ticket and we will get back with you shortly. Ride on! 

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