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  • Route sync has come up a lot. If you're interested in getting routes from group rides or events into your bike computer, Garmin or Wahoo, please let us know how you currently use routes:

    1. What website/service/app do you use to keep your routes (e.g. Strava, Ride with GPS, etc)?
    2. What bike computer do you use? - please include the make and model numbrer
    3. What type of ride are you doing (road, gravel, trail, etc)?
    4. What is the distance and duration of the ride?
    5. Is it a race?

    If you are interested in getting routes and currently don't use routes because it's too complicated, let us know what suggestions you have. We'd love to be at a point where you can just click a route on KOMZ and get a dialog box to send to Garmin or Wahoo. Not sure how many of you would be interested in that feature.

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