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  • One thing that we're talking through is opportunities for DTR beyond just riding today. Offering tabs for today/tomorrow/Saturday/Sunday within DTR

    The specific problem we are interested in solving is taking our specific DTR chat channel and allowing some separating for saying "I want to ride today" in a channel that can accommodate multiple days and not cross over between days.

    One thing to note is that we don't expect every group ride to be set up as an event. From our club ride experiences, it's quicker to just have DTR posts for who's riding now or in a few hours than to require setting up a new event. Another thing we've noticed from experience is if 3 riders are interested in riding, all 3 could propose rides at different locations, then two of the three just decide to join the first person. Posting events for each one would not be great because then the events would have to be removed.

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