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I created an event (individual user not org). How do I invite my contacts to it? I saw the post about how maybe making events for every ride is not the right thing to do but if I'm having an event that is special, ie. "3rd annual backyard MTB sufferfest and BBQ" how do i invite people to it other than DTRing them or sharing via another method like email, Facebook, etc.



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  • Hi Jeremy,

    Currently to invite friends to your event you need to ask them to go to the events page and RVSP to the event. There is not currently a way to provide a link that takes them right to your ride. We have added what's called "deep linking" to our feature sprint plan that will allow you to share the public link for your ride to anyone. 

    As you may have noticed... We currently have a (ghetto looking) but beta-working public event page for all events by hitting the share button on the top right of the event details. Unfortunately that link only goes to a public webpage and does not link into the app. With the new feature this will open up to the event directly for anyone that has the KOMZ app on their phone. For people that don't have the KOMZ app it will still open on a web browser.

    We knew this is something that's super urgent, but didn't want to hold up the public beta for this and a few other "we really need" features.

    BBQ is always a great way to finish a sufferfest BTW!

    Ride On!


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