Recurring Events

Weekly rides that always leave from the same place like shop rides/office rides. But someway to accept each occurrence individually but also get reminded that the event is going to happen say tomorrow and you should accept/decline. Maybe also accept all rides by default but still be able to decline individual ones like when you are out of town.



  • Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the post. We had a team meeting this week on handling recurring rides. What we decided on is to offer a option when creating a ride to select it as a weekly ride and then select the frequency (e.g. every 1 week, every 2 weeks, etc)

    The event will be the same for every week and will automatically change the date to the next event when the ride ends. For example, for a Thursday weekly ride from 6-8PM, the next day the event will then reset the date for the same time the next Thursday. This will allow the group chats and RSVPs to be preserved. It's pretty complicated to try to create a "google calendar" like reservation system so this is a quick and easy way for people to subscribe/RSVP to a weekly ride. Also it's not a "huge deal" for most group rides if someone doesn't make one weekly.

    This allows you to accept all of the weekly rides and it will still be in your "My Events" section of KOMZ.

    Please feel free to comment as our next sprint planning session is in a couple weeks and your input helps a ton!


  • This sounds like a good plan. I see most of the value coming out of the chat. So if there is a last minute change/cancellation due to weather that can go in the chat and everyone will get it notified of it. Also i see the chat being great for things like posting where the post ride drinks are at, etc.

  • engineers said they want to add an @Beer or @food to the @mentions spec for chat! love it!

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